This Blog Has Moved to

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Okay, I’ve moved to a hosted blog at It’s 80% functional. Usable for now. I’ll be tweaking over the next few weeks.

Thanks everyone for reading!


Everywhere A Sign

•July 2, 2008 • 1 Comment

How often do you see a sign like this?  Don’t trip underneath one of these things.  ‘Nuff said. […]

Our Proposed Dog Tyler

•July 1, 2008 • 4 Comments

Okay, the Erickson home is going to try this again.  Again you ask?  Well, if you were familiar with our last dog, Sid, and our electric fence, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.  Success == Real Fence.  No virtual fence this time. […]

It’s So Important To Keep Talent In Ohio

•June 29, 2008 • 11 Comments

My jaw dropped this morning as I read Chester Finn’s Wall Street Journal opinion piece titled The Self-Inflicted Economic Death of Ohio.  First, because the piece quantified some of my gut feelings about Ohio’s talent drain, and second, because of the magnitude of the problem.  Mr. Finn, a Dayton native, serves as the president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.  It’s mission, from the Institute’s website […]

Uh…Boss? I Need More Money

•June 28, 2008 • 7 Comments

Holy freakin’ cow.  I just passed $4.15 gas at the Princeton and 747 UDF.  Geez, glad I filled up yesterday.  I just can’t catch a break.  Seems the last two years we burned through the max on our flexible medical spending accounts by, say, MARCH. WTF?  Last year my daughter Meredith broke her femur, yeah femur, while sledding.  Oh, let me rephrase that. […]

June CINNUG – Back To The Future

•June 26, 2008 • 8 Comments

Woah, I had a Back To The Future moment last night.  I suppose that reference, alone, dates me.  Yep, I’m old.  Got an 11-year old daughter.  So what was so back-to-the-future about last night?  Quick Solutions’ Tim Wingfield covered Microsoft’s (holy-cow-it’s-about-time) implementation of MVC for ASP.NET (resources below).  I hear that if you go to the Quick Solutions homepage, the woman highlighted has never actually worked at the company 🙂  I cut my teeth on OO and MVC with PowerBuilder way back when Grady Booch questioned it as a true OO language.  MVC didn’t exist out of the box so we built our own framework and supporting libraries.  Instead of controllers, we called them managers.  We had window managers (view) and process managers (workflow) and all sorts of goodies that made life easy.  Java saw its first incarnation.  And C++ and Smalltalk were the mainstream boundaries of true OO development. […]

June OWASP – Injection Attacks

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JP Sklenka’s posse from Cintas showed up at today’s OWASP event at the Citi offices in Blue Ash.  Cintas had four people there!  Kudos to them for taking visible steps towards application security.  I also ran into Russ McMahon from UC.  Wayne Browning was in town today and attended part of the event.  And it was great running into Marco and AllisonJames Walden, Ph.D. and assistant professor at NKU did a fabulous job with application injection attacks.  Frankly, I expected a run-of-the-mill SQL injection talk.  James took it deep and had me engaged for the entire hour. […]

Professional Networking – Facing The Room

•June 20, 2008 • 3 Comments

This series of posts on building your personal networking skills is meant to serve a couple of purposes. If you remember from one of my first posts I’m hoping that skilled networkers may pick up a gem or two to add to their understanding. These posts also serve those who are not good at networking and those who know they need to network and have been afraid to take the first steps. So, much of this starts at the very beginning, laying the ground work and a foundation to build on. This probably doesn’t need to be said, but I’ll say it anyway: I work in the IT field, and many of the folks in IT, especially the technologists, may not have the best…er…social skills? That is really my intended audience. I learned a bunch of this the hard way, and I want to help out my colleagues so they can learn from my mistakes. […]

Professional Networking – What Does Networking Mean To You?

•June 19, 2008 • 7 Comments

I finished part 2 of 3 internal lunch-and-learn sessions on professional networking for my colleagues at LUCRUM yesterday.  Someone later on asked me if it was podcast.  Unfortunately, no.  I really gotta remember to capture opportunities like that.  I’m sure with time I’ll develop better habits.  I’m not yet the guy with camera and the recorder always going.  Although, that brings me to a post I’ll get out here once I have it thought through.  The title?  Probably A Word Paints A Thousand Pictures, as I’m a somewhat voracious reader and I’ve been dismayed at the death of imagination that the proliferation of images and video on the ‘net has caused. […]

Kroger, I Got A New Idea For You

•June 17, 2008 • 5 Comments

Kroger, my wife loves you. Specifically the Marketplace store. She’ll drive past you just 2 miles from our home to shop at your West Chester Marketplace store off 129 at Cin-Day road. That’s a $4 gas surcharge while driving the Suburban, and she’ll do it anyway. No matter how much I try to explain this. I love you, too, Kroger. Why? Lots of reasons. You’re local. I could shop at W**-M*** or even bigg’s, but why when my friends work for you and my neighbors work for you. In fact, if you opened a store within my township I’d shop there to keep as much of the tax revenue as local as I could. And recently, you wow’d me with your handling of the yogurt recall. […]