Will the Heyday Ever Return?

Phewww, what a busy couple of days. A marathon MSDN event in Mason and the XP User Group at Children’s Hospital in Clifton on Tuesday made for an information packed day. Quite a bit to absorb. I’ll get to those in my next couple of posts.

“ if you have a terrible manager then you probably won’t take any amount of money to stay ”

I had an opportunity to meet with Stuart Rollyson, Executive Director, Customer Information Systems for CENGAGE Learning and LÛCRUM‘s VP of Delivery Systems, Jodie Heflin, over lunch at Mason’s Polo Grille. The conversation centered on employee motivation and retention in view of the dotcom boom and the fundamental changes the era brought to the IT industry and the consulting paradigm. Could those days ever return? Together, we doubted it. With open checkbooks, venture capital, valuations based on zero earninings, sky-high raises, happy hours with drinks all ’round just to do it again the next night, it seemed unlikely. Well, at least not in the same form.

There are some great lessons to learn, though. Probably the most important lesson is for management to spend face-time with their folks. Sure, money is meaningful, and the bar was certainly raised after the dotcom era – maybe never to return to lower levels. Still, motivation and leadership that unlocks people’s value in their organization can bring greater job satisfaction. People don’t leave companies because their companies aren’t great places to work, they leave because they don’t like their manager. And we’ve probably all been there – if you have a terrible manager then you probably won’t take any amount of money to stay. So, managers, if you want your people to stay, take the time to listen to them and then lead them.

The next day PDR‘s Natasha Allie and I met for lunch at – you guessed it – the Polo Grille. Hey, they have some great salads. What can I say? Oh, I didn’t just say that. Anyway, we had an engaging conversation. PDR is a great company in the Cincinnati IT consulting services space. And Natasha really has a passion for recruiting. I’ll bet they have a great ’08!

Finally, congratulations are in order for Kris Huiet.  I spoke to Kris last week and she let me know that she moved from Business Integration Group to a new role at Robert Half International last Monday.  Good luck, Kris!



~ by Andy on February 6, 2008.

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