Okay To Be Jealous?

I had lunch today with Joni Burton, who recently moved from CIBER to Trasys. Joni took the president role at Trasys and has the opportunity to guide and work with that organization unencumbered by delivery responsibility for organizations that had no reporting responsibility to her.

We talked about the current market and the need for offshore options. I’ve had my opportunity to work on three offshore projects over the last couple of years, and I don’t see offshore ever going away. Offshore will probably become more diverse as sourcing takes place in new markets and third-world countries, as the world becomes smaller. I believe we’ll have to learn, and grow, and take the time to understand our world cultures to make offshore options work. 10 years from now these won’t be offshore anymore, they’ll simply be one more sourcing option. And we’ll accept it as much as we accept Toyota and have helped make it arguably the world’s largest auto maker.

My conversation with Joni left me somewhat jealous of the folks she joined at Trasys. Her leadership style reminds me of Jim Collins‘ estimation of Wells Fargo in Good To Great. Collins compared Wells Fargo to Bank of America. Bank of America instituted a stoic, top-down management structure where even the high-level executives were afraid to speak up and have a voice in the company. Wells, on the other hand, put a confident CEO at the top of its leadership structure who was not afraid to surround himself with strong and talented people who were not afraid to debate and make difficult decisions together. Wells outperformed BofA, and the market, many-fold through the Good-To-Great years. Joni’s leadership is similar, and I think the folks in her organization will grow tremendously as they work with her as a team to make Trasys great.

Have you had any offshore experience? I’d love to hear about it, although I’m sure I’ll get a string of highly negative comments 😉 How about Good To Great. Any readers that have had the experience of working under a Level 5 leader? Tell us. We all deserve the opportunity to know where those organizations are in our community.


~ by Andy on February 14, 2008.

One Response to “Okay To Be Jealous?”

  1. So what happened to Tim Ryan and Richard Kurz of former Pomeroy IT Shame? Both former VP’s and I believe Joni used to work for Ryan? Interesting that as Joni arrives Ryan is gone? What is the story here? Where did Ryan go?

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