What’s Chang(ed|ing)?

Okay, I’ve been at this two weeks and had a bit over 120 readers last Friday. I guess that means someone other than my mother is reading this. One goal here is to get high-quality, relevant, timely, and frequent information into your hands quickly. So if the stars align this week there will be new content around .NET, the PMI, some networking notes, and, quite possibly, the first guest posts here on CINJUG, the IIBA, and the Programmers’ Guild if the content is strong enough. Also, keep an eye around here towards the end of the week for this site’s first published podcast. If things go smoothly, and I don’t have to spend too much time on my day job, you’ll hear an interview with one of the most interesting local folks that you’ve never heard of. This person has a global influence on the technology decisions of some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

What else is new? Jonathan Mast, a colleague and good friend, recently took a Solution Architect position at PDR^H^H^HAscendum Solutions (no website yet) leveraging his talent in the SharePoint space. Congratulations Jonathan!

If you were paying attention to the Software Metrics post from last week, Kishore posted the presentation and you’ll probably want to review the post in context of the charts in order to get the full picture. There are probably a couple of ah-ha! experiences in there. At the very least you’ll pick up some ideas about how to easily communicate meaningful information to the folks holding your feet to the fire.

I messed around with Google Calendar and feed43 last week and managed to get an RSS feed posted with the latest local IT events. If you’d like an event to appear on the site just drop me a note. The WordPress.com RSS widget allows at most 10 items at a time, so please don’t ask me to display more items. You can always check out the public Cincinnati IT Events Google Calendar. The feed exhibits some strange behavior because you need to be logged in to Google Calendar for the feed to appear in 12-hour format, otherwise times display in 24-hour format. This is a known Google Calendar problem. Although it’s been “known” since 2006. Hmmmm.

I’ve also started including local blogs in the blogroll. I’ll be monitoring these over time for quality and timeliness. So far there have been some interesting blogs, but most are not frequently updated. I’ve also included Eileen Bonfiglio’s SPIN and QA blogs. If the name is familiar, you probably recognize her as the prolific responder to LinkedIn Q&A. I think she responds to, say, a bazillion questions a day. These links will come down eventually, as Eileen is not geographically local. I wanted to showcase them for a short time as her contributions are high-quality and I really like SEI’s concepts and content. Not to alienate the agile world, Cincinnati SPIN presented on combining CMM, Six Sigma, and lean concepts a few months ago. The Burton blog is aligned with a resource you’ll hopefully learn about later this week. If you know of a high-quality, geographically local blog that belongs here, again, drop me a note.

Besides the Who is Andy Erickson page, I’ve added an FAQ where I’ll add questions that people ask and a Who I’m Looking For page that lists some of the most interesting positions I’m looking to fill. I have an incredibly interesting opening for a marketing intern if you know of any business or marketing students that might be interested. Have them give me a call.


~ by Andy on February 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “What’s Chang(ed|ing)?”

  1. Thanks Andy. The hits to your blog is growing because its chock full of very solid information. Keep it up!

  2. Cool calendar, thanks Andy!

    If anyone wants that calendar directly in Outlook 2007, here’s an appropriate link to make it work there.

  3. I stumbled onto your blog by accident, but I’ll be a regular visitor. Until now it hasn’t been possible to find good quality, broad, local info in one spot. Thank you.

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