Loose Ends

The podcast with Chris Howard was posted this week. Shane Young should be next. Many of you know Shane. If you would like Shane to address a particular topic please make a note of it in the comments and we’ll try to fit it in. Also, feel free to suggest some interesting people in the Cincinnati IT community that you would like to hear from in interview format.

The blogroll has changed a bit to reflect additional Cincinnati blogs. Support the community, check out these sites and drive some traffic their way.

PMI Southwest Ohio held a fantastic meeting this week with a presentation on overcoming fears of public speaking. Just awesome. I met a lot of great people here, too. Mostly PMs from Cardinal Solutions. I’ll post some notes this weekend if I get a chance.

If you don’t know Bridge Worldwide, neither did I, really, until this week. I guess it’s one of those serendipity things. I met with Bridge designer Adam Koehler at Rock Bottom. The company is rock solid, and growing. The guy’s phenomenal. His design is great! And he can crank through web designs like a UDF fountain jerk servin’ up malts on a Friday night in July. His prolific nature comes from a background where Adam had to produce hundreds of print ads under tight deadlines. His creative mind really pours over this stuff.

When I spend time networking I look for ways to listen, understand, and then give. Well, Adam outdid me 🙂 We had an interesting conversation about baseball, design, and other odds-n-ends. In communications since, he’s setup an interview for a friend of mine for a position at Bridge and put me in touch with some folks that could result in mutually beneficial relationships.  Two words: Karma Builder.

Later in the week LÛCRUM’s BI Architect extraordinaire, Phil Infante, and I grabbed some chili at Tina’s where we ran into Bridge senior analyst and ex-LÛCRUM-ite, Mike Glisson. I can only imagine that Mike is having a BLAST at Bridge. With all the folks I’ve met there, and all the great things they’ve had to say, maybe I’ll put in an application 😉

I found out that Bridge is located directly across from my office window. I’m on the 11th floor of the Harland building. Bridge is on the 7th and 9th of the Neyer building. Our windows face each other on the Plum St. side. I gotta stop picking my nose now because someone over there might actually know me.

Finally, the Montgomery Road Panera in Kenwood turns their WiFi off between 11:30AM and 2:00PM. I say way to go! I hope other Paneras follow this example. It’s become a second office for many folks, and I’m sure people go there for lunch to get away from the office. Heck, I can’t say I haven’t parked myself there for hours grabbing nothing more than a cup of water and leeching their WiFi. I do because I can. If I can’t then I’ll find acceptable alternatives that give others the peaceful lunch they crave.



~ by Andy on February 23, 2008.

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