You Really Need To Read This

Okay, the part you really need to read is at the end of this post. I wanted to do a wrap up of the week and that is the intro material you’ll find first.

I still owe a post about Tuesday’s OWASP. That will be up this weekend. Some good notes on it, and Marco Morana did – and continues to do – a great job leading that group.

It’s time to ramp up for next week and the coming month of great information. I’m grateful that the last week of the month slows down in terms of IT community activities as I can always use the break before going full speed into the next month. The ramp down is part of the reason I’m late on the OWASP post. Well, that and my day job 😉
I want to point out next month’s SPIN meeting. I’ve said about SPIN before that this group will increase your earning potential if you use the information to tweak your own processes. How will it increase your earning potential? You will learn how to create more high-quality output faster and more consistently which equates to an employer seeing a greater ROI in Y-O-U. If you develop personal metrics, track them, and then demonstrate your ROI on your R-E-S-U-M-E, you will differentiate yourself from the run-of-the-mill developers.

Anyway, the next SPIN will be held Wednesday, March 12th from 4PM to 6PM at the Wingate by Wyndam Hotel. As usual, SPIN secured another high-profile speaker to address the group on Putting the Engineering in Software Engineering. Dr. Adam Kolawa, the co-founder and CEO of Parasoft, and Dr. Dorota Huizinga, Associate Dean for the College of Engineering and Computer Science and Professor of Computer Science at California State University, Fullerton, will explain how to establish an automated technology infrastructure that supports effective software development.

While presentations at most SPIN meetings begin at 4:30PM, this month’s presentation will start sharply at 4PM as the speakers need to catch an evening flight. Please be there on time.

On another note, Jim Lockwood, a Fifth Third lead business analyst, discussed life over lunch with me at Ingredients in the Westin lobby this week. This was my first time at Ingredients. Ahhh, to again be amongst the suits of Fifth Third and USBank. Great food and a comfortable atmosphere, although staying comfortable while table vultures peered at me waiting for me to finish my lunch took some getting used to. The spinach salad was perfect. Imagine, I got to tell them what Ingredients to add to the salad. Jim wanted me to let you know that he had the Chicken Pesto Panini, and it was very good! Is Panini a real word? The Firefox spell checker doesn’t think so. Jim, you better update your LinkedIn profile before a hundred people click on it 🙂

Jim and I discussed IIBA and the PMI (who’s website does not work in Firefox) specifically. Jim got me thinking about one of the valuable offerings of these meetings. So I posted my thoughts about it, just not here. And that is the nature of what I think you need to read.

These pages are for the Cincinnati IT community and I don’t want to talk about Andy’s opinion here. I debated long and hard before posting this, but the subject means way too much to me to not say what needs to be said. So I said it – just not here. Instead, I posted my thoughts about the importance and value of networking on my company’s blog. No, not technology infrastructure, but professional relationship building. So if you would like my opinion then click the link, otherwise feel free to ignore this post.



~ by Andy on February 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “You Really Need To Read This”

  1. Well I would but your link is broke!

  2. The link is fixed. And I added some other content. Thanks Clarence.

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