It’s a Wrap – March 8th

Holy cow. Have you seen the snow outside? I’m guessing most of us just stayed home on Friday. I worked remotely. I’m amazed how much gets accomplished without the general office distractions. Still, internet access was somewhat spotty as every Fairfield student, home from school on Friday, spent the day YouTube-ing. Here’s a re-cap of the week and look ahead.

Here, I’ll add more noise with 18 seconds of me taking advantage of the snow with my kids.

The First week of the month is a slow lead-in to the second and third weeks when activity ramps up significantly.Monday, I’m torn between UC’s senior design presentations and SharePoint at MAX Training. If experience teaches anything, a tangential threat of snow will cancel the SharePoint meeting, so I’ll probably invest in the future and go see how the senior designs are progressing. At the SharePoint meeting, Caleb Miller, Tahoe Partners‘ senior manager and SIE (huh?) practice lead, will present on document management. I would expect some very good information from Caleb. ProSource’s Brad Young will present on Office Business Application Integration with SAP utilizing Excel and InfoPath. If someone would like to cover the SharePoint meeting I’d certainly entertain a guest post. Please let me know.

BI group on Tuesday at MAX Training in Mason.

An update on Wednesday’s SPIN (map). The subject is Putting the engineering in software engineering: technology infrastructure in process improvement. Although the presentation was earlier reported to start at 4PM sharp, those plans have since changed a bit. The presenters will arrive on a late afternoon flight and get to the meeting around 5:15PM. They still need to make an evening flight. Please arrive on time so the presentation can begin as soon as the presenters arrive.

Last Wednesday I manned our booth at the UC CAS Career Fair. I met a couple of the students progressing through their senior design. Kurt Scherer in particular stopped by to say hello. Kurt and his project team will develop feasibility models for covering UC’s campus with the new 802.11n wireless standard. Professor Tom Wulf and I shared a few words about life in the IT program at CAS. From there I drug our booth materials to the Northern Kentucky Convention Center for a health services expo.

Okay, here’s something embarrassing. I was scheduled to meet with Xavier senior, Brandon Rice, on Thursday morning. Brandon is, let’s say, your not-quite-so-average student. After walking-on into a top-25 basketball program, Brandon excelled through his remaining college career earning a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Brandon speaks fluent Spanish, has studied in Spain, has co-op’ed in New Zealand, and has traveled to London and Paris. So on my way to meet him my car runs out of gas, and I find myself stuck on the side of the highway not too far from home. I say to myself, “Self, I’m pretty close to home. Maybe your wife can bring us some gas and I can still make the meeting.” So I call Andrea and get the response, “Isn’t that what we have AAA for?” I call Brandon to reschedule, then I call AAA, then I freeze my butt off on the highway for the next hour and a half until AAA arrives. I can’t blame my wife. I did call her at 6:45AM, and, yes, that is why we pay for AAA.

Anyway, everything turned out well for Brandon and I meeting. Later that afternoon, John Bostick, LUCRUM’s CEO, and I were scheduled to talk about project management to Xavier Professor Tim Kloppenborg’s class. I called Brandon to let him know of our plans, and he met us and sat in on Dr. Kloppenborg’s class that day. I was grateful that Brandon had an opportunity to listen to and meet John. I’ll have some footage of the class up on my company’s blog at some point in the next few weeks.

What else might be interesting? Don Lykins, a Citi architect, and I met to discuss comparisons of the some of the consumer-facing credit card sites. Don works on the Citibank credit card sites. Jonathan Mast, an Ascendum architect and good friend, shared lunch with me, and we talked about stuff for an hour.That’s about it in terms of the people. And it really is about the people and getting to know them.

Here is the February OWASP presentation.

I have some personal needs trying to understand the most effective avenues to engage and communicate with the (independents|sub-contractors|1099’s) in the community. That cross-section of the IT community is difficult to get my arms around because of its fragmentation. Compared to engaging H1 companies (that are VERY organized) or using full-time employees, working with sub-contractors is immensely time consuming and disorganized on the front-end. Look for a page (not a post) describing my thoughts and the help I could use from the community to develop a strategy that would help all of us.

The blogroll contains a number of new entries.

Gosh, I almost forgot. David Bowman, a good friend and peer at LUCRUM, is organizing a pancake breakfast fund-raiser on March 22nd from 8AM to 11AM to benefit the Western Ohio Epilepsy Foundation. You can sign up to help here. Apparently the foundation faces a budget crisis and could use an infusion of funds. Please make the time to help the cause if you can!

That’s about it. I’ll catch you here as the week progresses.



~ by Andy on March 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “It’s a Wrap – March 8th”

  1. Andy,
    Was that fear that I heard in your voice as you went down the hill?????? I wish I could have spent my day sledding. I’m jealous 🙂

  2. Very interesting….So, what is it that you do on your job, where you have the luxury to blog so much? Christy

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