Best of the Blogroll – March 15th, 2008

This week flew by with so much community activity going on. I have a couple more posts in the pipeline waiting for me to find time to finish them. With a fairly animated week ahead I’ll do my best to get this stuff out as quickly as I can.

On Monday, the final week of UC CAS Senior Design presentations take place. I’ll cover the first half of them that evening as I have a personal obligation that will cause me to leave at the 7PM break. For those of you attending the presentations, please feel free to say hello and introduce yourself. To the extent possible, I’d like to help all of you find shiny new homes after graduation.

On Tuesday evening the IIBA holds their March meeting at New Horizons. PMI holds their somewhat monthly dinner on Wednesday. And Thursday, Microsoft officially launches the latest Windows Server and SQL Server products along with Visual Studio ’08 in Columbus in a full-day event. I’m looking forward to catching up with some long-time friends from Columbus that day as I’ll spend lunchtime with Gwenn Denorme, a college buddy and Centric PM, and I’ll catch up with Rob Wesley over dinner. Rob is one of the most talented software architects I’ve known and the guy who mentored me in OO WAY back in the ’90s. What a great teacher! Rob founded BlueGear Software not too long ago. That should do it for this week’s events and I’ll be looking for a break come Friday.

This week, Matt Brewer and I met for lunch at Rock Bottom and chatted a bit about the enterprise architecture space as well as the MS ArcReady event earlier in the month. Doug, don’t worry, Matt let me know that he LOVES Western Southern Life 🙂 On Wednesday I had an opportunity to catch up with Satyam’s Regional Manager for Oracle Business Development, Ajay Sharma. A couple of years ago while I was in Bangalore, Ajay setup lunch for me with some of the folks in his company. He’s a great guy! Ajay let me in on an idea that he has for a book. You may see more about his efforts here in due time.

So what’s happening in the blogroll this week? Well, Citibank’s Marco Morana has been fairly prolific this month. Today Marco posted about a colleague, Matteo Meucci, and his work on and end-of-the-month event in Italy on the subject The State of the Art of the Web Application Security and the OWASP guidelines in the Companies. Marco has posted a poll that he hopes will guide conversation at one of the event’s round tables. Please stroll by and provide Marco with some feedback. Marco also posted on the OWASP Top Ten that he presented (pdf) at this month’s OWASP.

Chris Howard’s Burton Group Executive Advisory blog posted this week about shattering the wall between IT and the business as it commented on the MIT Sloan Management Review article, “How to Tap IT’s Hidden Potential.”

Dave Anderson recently posted about a Units Framework for Ruby that he’s working on.

Ed Summerfield took a new position recently and would like your feedback on how to help shape his new company.

This one goes back a bit but is worthy to note. Take a look at Jim Weirich’s take on non-agile practices.

Joe Wirtly muses on his “learning” TFS.

If you’re into brain teasers, check out Leon Gersing’s comments on the 2008 Scripting Games which recently came to an end.

Steve Caravajal is always good for technical SharePoint content. Here’s one he posted today about SharePoint and SQL Log Shipping. This is just one of a couple that he posted today.

And finally a shameless plug for my writing on applying exponential principles to personal growth.

If you know of any good, Cincinnati-based IT blogs that should participate in the blogroll, please let me know.


~ by Andy on March 16, 2008.

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