Weekly Updates And The Blogroll For March 22nd

I’m sitting here watching West Virginia and Duke. 3:11 left, 62-51 WV!!! You GO HUGGINS!

Bill Barnett posted a couple of good reads this week including a piece on software testing definitions and how he embraced his Mac.

Joe Wirtley talks about his current Tour Of Michigan. He has a couple of recent posts on this one.

Kishore writes about some energetic entrepreneurs.

Oh, you ALL have to read this one. Leon nails it on community! Especially the .NET “community” or lack thereof. This guy is AWESOME.

Discover some interesting functionality in the Windows command shell with Mike Wood.

Steve Caravajal talks about SharePoint and Silverlight.

Finally, a shameless plug on my post about behavior patterns that propel personal growth.

What else this week. I wound up missing the MS launch in Columbus due to my day job. This bummed me out a bit. I did have an opportunity to spend some time with Xavier’s Brandon Rice. This guy is GOLD if your organization needs a solid business analyst for international projects.

Marco Morana let me know about a fantastic opportunity. In April, OWASP will premiere of the movie The New Face of Cybercrime @Work. We’ll have an opportunity to preview the movie and introduce discussions on application security. This is a great opportunity for Cincinnati, as we’ll be the fourth city to preview the film after San Francisco, New York, and London in conjunction with the other Ohio OWASP chapters. Please mark your calendars for April 22nd for a two-hour event at the Blue Ash Citigroup offices. The time is not yet set but will be either 12:30PM to 2:30PM or 5:30PM to 7:30PM.

OWASP holds its March meeting this Tuesday at 6:15 at the Blue Ash Citigroup offices. The topic is Source Code Reviews and Open Source Static Analysis Tools. Pre-registration is required for entrance into the building, so please RSVP to Blaine Wilson if you plan on attending.

Another event you’ll want to catch is the Agile Round Table on April 1st. This one will be interesting as the format is a number of people, from technical developers to marketing folks, presenting on a number of topics in a challenging Pecha-Kucha format. Essentially the format allows presenters 20 slides with automatic transitions every 20 seconds. So we’ll see who can handle this 6 minute format. It should push some of the presenters to their limit and should make for some great laughs! I’ll make sure cameras are rolling to catch all the action. Look for the videos here. Invite your friends, and we’ll see everyone there.



~ by Andy on March 23, 2008.

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