What Do You Look For In An “Employer of Choice”?

Last week, Hazem Said and I spent an interesting lunch hour talking over initiatives that would strengthen UC’s Information Technology programs in the community. If you’re not aware of this, I’m a huge fan of these programs and have highlighted the work of the students’ senior designs here. On a consistent, year-over-year basis, the College of Applied Science attracts and graduates some of the most interesting and creative folks in the information technology space.

The university has a unique ability to bring fierce competitors in the business world together for collaboration purposes, especially when that collaboration would strengthen the local marketplace and the recruiting pool. Recent graduates also find themselves in an enviable position to spawn new ventures without much personal risk which may create jobs in the local economy. So the university can give to the community in multiple ways.

Some great companies in Cincinnati want to do their part and give back to the university. Some would like to be the “Employer of Choice” for co-ops and new graduates of the program. In order to help these companies create an environment that would draw you to them, what would these companies need to do or offer to become your “Employer of Choice” ?



~ by Andy on April 8, 2008.

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