BDPA 2008 Career Panel Discussion

Thursday, Chuck Clevenger, Seapine Software’s corporate recruiter, and I had the privilege to meet with the local BDPA membership at the Fifth Third’s operations facilities. We discussed career trends as well as resume and interview subject matter. This is the third consecutive year the BDPA has invited me to participate. Hopefully I actually add value to the group 🙂The evening took us in a number of directions as we centered mostly on how to give and give, and through giving reaping the benefits of what goes around comes around. Chuck discussed his charity work with a local organization that helps the under privileged secure employment and he shared a number of heart-felt stories of some great folks in need. Chuck is truly a stand-up guy with loads of integrity and heart. I talked a bit about my work with the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University working hard to find ways to promote the programs, and more importantly, the students. We discussed some of the precepts in the book Make Your Contacts Count, which I use as a guide to help me add more value to the people that I have the opportunity to network with. The book describes the concept of what you have to give as the foundation of productive networking.

I talked about the local IT community and how to give back to such a strong and talented group of people. I described some of my efforts around this blog’s purpose to highlight the great information and the great people in the community as I try to pique more peoples’ interest and hopefully motivate some to get more involved. Chuck made some very valuable points about reading The Wall Street Journal on a regular basis in order to have relevant conversation material. And then he talked about building the BDPA and using the group as a place to practice networking so that networking in new environments would become more comfortable. I admitted that I still freeze up when I walk into a crowded room. Even after years of practice I still need to work on this stuff and make decisions to get out of my shell.

We also touched on LinkedIn and thoroughly completing profiles and keeping them up to date. LinkedIn has quickly become such a valuable resource in the professional world, and everyone should take advantage of the product. I’ve been able to both meet and stay connected with some incredible people around the world as well as around Cincinnati.

Janice Lee, the current BDPA chapter president and PMP and systems analyst at Children’s Hospital, extended such a warm welcome to us, and Rosa Patterson Butler presented Chuck and I with a couple of wonderful certificates thanking us for our efforts. I had the opportunity to discuss with JC Battle the efforts of his company, BAMKO, their work in the contracting and construction industry. Talk about heart – BAMKO, a minority-owned business, doesn’t just work hard to be profitable, but as a vietnam veteran, JC looks for opportunities to hire the veterans that have been handicapped as a result of combat. If I recall correctly, JC has recently raised $250,000 to fund a local charity event. Once I get more information I’ll post it here.

Steve Scearce, a Keane analyst at Square D, introduced himself. Square D recently signed a large outsourcing contract with one of the main Indian conglomerates, so the Keane folks find themselves looking for new places to land. Tammi Phillips also introduced herself. Tammi is a recent grad looking to land somewhere in Cincinnati. Finally, I had the chance to meet Rene Cooper, Ajilon’s technical recruiting manager. She added some valuable information to the conversation along the way. Rene, I look forward to having you join us on the panel next year!

Overall the evening was a success. The people that make up the BDPA strive to make the group valuable for those involved. They reach down into the high schools with programs to get students ramped up for the professional world. They reach out into the community to bring folks together. And they reach up to the national level looking for ways to give exposure to the best among themselves. A lot of really good people make up the BDPA. Here’s to continued good work.


~ by Andy on April 19, 2008.

One Response to “BDPA 2008 Career Panel Discussion”

  1. I was not able to attend the program meeting last week. I appreciate your update. It appears that you provided information that was fit for immediate use of the BDPA audience. Perhaps we can talk you into becoming a BDPA member yourself at some point!

    Wayne Hicks, past president
    BDPA Cincinnati chapter.

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