Parks and Osterfeld Take The Whole Show

I’ve written about David Parks and Erin Osterfeld here before. Pretty much all year they’ve been my favorite project of the 2008 UC College of Applied Science senior class. Check out what they’ve done.



~ by Andy on May 25, 2008.

4 Responses to “Parks and Osterfeld Take The Whole Show”

  1. Amazing videoblog post, Andy. I like the creativity you put into these things. It makes me watch to the end.

    These students did a bang-up job on this project. How long did they have to work on this?

  2. Matt, they started on this in the beginning of the school year. In October they presented final ideas. They had to build it in time for the Tech Expo in May. Consider both of them were working nearly full-time a Kroger and taking a senior class load. Not too shabby 🙂

  3. David and Erin did an awesome job on this project, the design was great…it was obvious they had really researched the “pain points” of the current scheduling system and designed a very elegant solution. Highly usable. I was especially impressed that they did an equally elegant job on the Administrative side…a lot of applications really blow it there, but theirs didn’t forget the admin side. now…if they also documented their code I’d say they deserve another award!

  4. […] A couple weeks ago I served as a judge in the CAS Tech Expo where a pair of IT students took home Best of Expo. […]

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