Who is Andy Erickson?

I’m Andy Erickson. I help people. Specifically, I help align people with career options that work best for them. Recently, I helped a colleague get a $23,000 raise, move out of a dead-end job, and get him into a career and opportunity that would really challenge him and help him grow to his potential. And it wasn’t with my company. I’ve spent hours of my time helping another gentleman that has been a real estate investor dust off his resume and get prepared to re-enter the work force. Again, not with my company. I help people. That’s what I do. That’s who I am. You can read about my approach to relationships and networking in my response to this LinkedIn Question. I think it will tell you a lot about me.

I started this blog on January 31st, 2008. This space is a conversation, a multi-way dialog within the Cincinnati IT community. It is local. While some of the subject matter may benefit any reader, it is meant for us. Here. In Cincinnati. That is the value of this space. From time to time I may post some opinion on a story I’ve come across that affects the Cincinnati market. I promise that will be infrequent. For the most part, what you read here has been generated by you, for you, and this space simply shares your value to the Cincinnati IT community with that community (if you *really* want my opinion you can find it on these pages).

And it is positive. Controversial blogs generate traffic and polarizing conversation. That is not the goal here. This space is meant to unify and strengthen our community by highlighting the great people involved. All of us have so many negative stories that we could share, we all have dirt on someone or something, we can all complain about some aspect of our life in our jobs or the community. I may report with a happy-go-lucky style. Believe me, I’m not naive, but I choose to see the value in our local community and each other, and choose that over the ability to tear down that community.

I’m also a Cincinnati Recruiter. I work for LÛCRUM, a local IT professional services firm. I need to say that this blog is my own opinion and IN NO WAY REPRESENTS THE OPINION OR POLICY OF MY COMPANY. I’m all grown up and can take responsibility for my own words. I promise. And, no, I’m not trying to recruit away all your people. In fact, you can rest assured that if I reference someone here I’m most likely NOT working with them on a new opportunity. I’m certainly not going to tip my hand if I am working with someone – for their benefit and privacy, as well as my desire to keep other folks’ intentions up to them. Believe me, especially if you manage IT folks locally, I would be more concerned if your folks did NOT appear on these pages. If that’s the case then I’m either working with them, or more likely, you haven’t done your job to teach your folks how to network and you’re hangin’ ’em out to dry when things go south.

I’ve spent 15 years in the local IT market. I’ve been a developer, a project manager, a program manager, a mentor, an adviser, a board member, a confidant, and a friend. A number of years ago I was active in the local group 6degrees Cincinnati. 6degrees looked around the city at the glass towers of the many corporate offices, and we saw talented IT people with no safety net. We saw people who worked less than a block from each other for years, yet had never met. And we saw a great opportunity to begin bringing those people together. The busy-ness of life took over, as it always does, and the group faded away. The spirit of networking, though, is alive and strong in many of those folks.

With connections, especially reaching back to the WhittmanHart/marchFIRST days, local IT folks found themselves in positions of leadership in the glass towers. Suddenly organic growth became possible as long as the networking spirit remained. This blog is an extension of that spirit. While many of us participate in the local Cincinnati IT network, there are many more who do not. I hope to highlight the hundreds of extremely talented folks in the Cincinnati market that I run into, and crack the door a bit to let others in and see. I know there are so many great opportunities in Cincinnati that no one should settle for a mediocre position stagnating in a company somewhere (unless they choose to – and I’ve run into plenty of those folks). I’d like to see this forum bring some great people together and help them achieve their goals.

If you’d like to reach me personally, you can contact me at aericksonatlucrumincdotcom or (513) 225-1052. That email address also works for MS IM. I even have video most days if you would like to audio chat. You can find my LinkedIn Profile here. And dare I say I’ve been dragged into twitter at axerickson. I look forward to meeting with you!

– Andy

2 Responses to “Who is Andy Erickson?”

  1. Hey Andy…. I happen to visit your blog from your Linkedin profile. And since then i’ve being triying to explore your blog. It’s really well maintained and this is one of the good blogs i’ve seen lately.

    Not sure if you would remember me. I worked with you on some of the Lucrum GDC Projects. I’m a part of the GDC lucrum team @ Ascendum. Talk to you sometime soon.

    Good Day !

    Rajiv Dhananjayan

  2. […] – Andy […]

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