The Cincinnati IT Community

This page is a place where the professional IT community in Cincinnati can introduce themselves. Please take a minute to introduce yourself if you’re part of the Cincinnati IT community. If you’re not sure what to do here, read this, and then come back here and add yourself to the directory.


3 Responses to “The Cincinnati IT Community”

  1. Rob is a Webdev (doing standards-based design with, x/HTML, CSS, Javascript, DOM/DHTML, Ajax, VB, SQL, and DNN), Engineer (doing IIS, WSS, Exchange, Small Business Server, servers and networks), consultant, and entrepreneur.

  2. I am Kishore and I stradle various roles in the IT industry. You can find what I do at

  3. I am an Enterprise Architect with a background in a wide variety of technologies and platforms. At this point, I am focused on .Net with some PHP sprinkled in for flavor. Mostly, I work with the business to discover what software can do to make them successful. Then, I help developers produce quality software in the most efficient way possible with the tools at their disposal.

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